Reason#7: It’s God’s Will

People commonly wonder how they can know God’s will.  The first place to look is the Bible.  If it’s in there, and clearly applies to our lives in Christ under the new covenant, then it’s God’s will.  Here’s a good example:

Gal 5:1
Christ set us free for freedom. Therefore be standing firm, and do not again be held in a yoke of slavery.  (NT Transline)

There it is.  God’s will is for us to be free.  And not free as in the somewhat warped American sense of freedom, which for many means freedom to do whatever we want.  True freedom is liberation from sin, and the freedom to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Again, consider the Israelites.  They found freedom from Egypt, but that generation, except a few powerful exceptions (Joshua, Caleb), never walked in the full freedom of the promise God wanted for them.  They saw miracles that blow away most of what anyone else has seen before or since.  Yet they complained.  Didn’t trust God.  Weren’t thankful.  And their hearts yearned to return to Egypt.  They were still held in a yoke of slavery.

Jesus set us free, but that freedom must be fought for, cultivated, and grown.  It starts out in infancy, dependent on the basic spiritual milk talked about in Hebrews 5 and 6.  It’s not supposed to stay there.  Jesus sets us free so we can grow in freedom and walk it out to the fullest extent possible.  My freedom from sin is God’s will, so I want it.