Tactic #8: Party Lifestyle

This one kind of stems off the last one, but it bears its own section because it’s not really about censorship, but about values.  The enemy has convinced a whole generation that the goal of life is to have “fun,” though “fun” as a concept continues to evade a coherent definition.

Las Vegas is held up as the bastion of fun-filled excitement where you can get away with anything and it doesn’t matter, because hey, it’s Vegas.  You see commercials where normal people go berserk at the knowledge they have won a free trip to Vegas, or can afford a special trip to Vegas because of the money they’ve saved.

What’s so great about Vegas?  Gambling, legalized prostitution, porn peddled on the streets, strip clubs at every corner, professionally packaged entertainment shows that don’t disappoint the desires of the men in their audiences, hotels that cater to anyone who has anything to flaunt, and supports their desires wholeheartedly.

Now that I think about it, I’d like to go.  How much is a plane ticket these days…

Seriously, though.  This is what the “party” lifestyle is all about.  Las Vegas just epitomizes it, but the stench reaches across the world.  Live it up, because there’s nothing better to do while you’re alive.  (And I don’t care about all the “mainstream” fare also available in Vegas…the town is about doing whatever you want and damn the consequences, plain and simple).  Whatever feels good is good.

One of the founding principles in the Satanic bible is “Do what thou wilt.”  This precept has seeped its way into all aspects of our culture.  Do whatever is in your heart.  What does your heart tell you?  Trust your feelings and you’ll be fine.  As long as it feels right in your heart, it’s okay.  Do what you want to do.  We hear these kinds of things all over the place.

And this kind of thinking then gets confused with the concept of “freedom,” and you start to see why the censorship issue arises.  But Vegas and the lifestyle it promotes (along with many media outlets) are all about doing what feels good for you, today, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong.  This too is the work of the enemy.

I was fascinated early in his presidency when President Obama encouraged Americans to forego a trip to Vegas, and instead to be responsible with their money in the economic downturn.  Remember that?  Obama got castigated–even by the so-called religious conservatives on the right–because his suggestion might damage the Nevada economy.  How dare anyone suggest that Americans give up their appetites for recklessness.  Not to mention how plainly obvious is our worship of money in this instance.  The economy rules above all else in the hierarchy of decision-making.

But why are people so taken up with this party lifestyle?  Is it the same as porn addiction?  Here’s a great verse from Job.

Job 36:21
Be careful, do not turn to evil; for you have preferred this to affliction.  (NAS)

Evil in many of its forms is preferable to present suffering.  Insecurity is one of two basic needs of the human soul, along with the desire for significance.  This is psychology 101.  When our insecurity grows, and we find no love around us, we will turn to something else.  Our souls can’t take it otherwise.

Job’s friend in this verse encourages him to be careful in the midst of his suffering (and he was doing some serious suffering, far more than most of our American culture can even fathom), because it is in these vulnerable moments that sin begins to look very, very attractive.  It looks way more comfortable over there than how empty, afraid, and insecure I feel over here.

The enemy offers the party lifestyle as the antidote to this.  What does this have to do with porn?  It’s simple.  How many people who go to parties leave them feeling fulfilled and satisfied?  All the ones that don’t (which is most of them) have just charged up all their sexual energy, and it now waits for a release.  Since no hot girls left the party to have sex with me, I’ve got to go do….what.  Well, in Vegas, there are endless choices.  Escorts, strip clubs, prostitutes, and everything in between.  Now, those things are in most cities, but Vegas has promoted itself as the place you can do these things without fear of accusation.

Imagine the poor bride after learning what her then-fiancé did at his bachelor party in Vegas the week before the wedding.  “How could you do that?  I thought you loved me!”  “Come on, baby, it’s Vegas.  It’s you and me from now on.”  And that’s all he has to say.  It’s Vegas.  Just like Jake’s friend says to him in the classic film, “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”  The name is all you have to say, and you know the explanation and the rationale.

In a world with no clue about true morality, what can the devalued bride say back?  All she can do is hope she doesn’t make him too mad or reject his sexual desires no matter how extreme or uncomfortable they make her feel, or he might run back to his slavemaster to make his insecurity go away.  Or, she can go with him to the next strip club, under the guise of “supporting” him.  But inside, she’ll know she’s giving away something that seems like it ought to belong to her exclusively, but she’s lost the ability to put into words exactly what it is.

This is the state of many relationships today.  It is the work of the enemy.  Don’t be deceived by the distorted and shifting values of the world.  None of these people know anything about truth or righteousness.  I once challenged people I work with to explain to me why bestiality should be illegal, because they disliked the notion of other people telling them how they should live (but we still agreed that sex with animals is probably not a good thing).  The best they could come up with?  “It threatens the safety of the animal.”  Oh my…

Now we have an idea of what the young generation will look like in twenty years.