Content Warning

This page is written for people wanting to find freedom from sin and addiction, especially with regard to pornography.

As such,  due to the nature of these addictions, some language will be used on this page that some people may find objectionable.  This is not done to sensationalize or entertain, but in my view, out of necessity when dealing honestly with this issue.

Any such language has been kept to a minimum, and I personally don’t use this kind of language in my speech.  However, I felt it necessary in a couple sections of this writing.

Please do not be offended, and leave a comment if you have questions about specifics.   Thank you for visiting the page.


Welcome and thank you for visiting my page.

If you are looking for spiritual truth and help in finding liberty from pornography and any other form of addiction, this page is written especially for you.

The following study will take you through an engaging, spiritually invasive, challenging process designed to set you free from any and every sin that may be entangling you so that you can walk with God with a clean conscience, secure in His love, full of knowledge and power, and led by the Holy Spirit.

I will be releasing a new section every week or so, and I strongly emphasize and encourage you to read them in order, from the beginning.  No one starts a journey at the halfway point. Thus, the categories to the right are numbered to help you keep track of where you left off.

The study is designed to first make you aware of your need for true freedom available only through God’s power at work in us.  After this, you learn to identify and expose the forces working against you in the spiritual realm, and finally how to walk in freedom from this enslaving addiction.

This study will require a committment from you, and only a person who is serious about their spiritual future with God should pursue it.  This is not for the casual observer or the lukewarm.  However, it is for anyone who is hungry for truth, freedom from sin, and to know the love and power of God that surpasses all understanding.

My prayer for anyone who reads it is that you will come to know God and His true nature, power, and perspective on you in a new and liberating way.  My study is based upon the great teaching I have received over the years from several pastors and teachers, my own experiences and research in overcoming this battle, my study of the Bible, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, without Whom, we can do nothing.

Feel free to comment and refer this page to anyone you know who needs it.